The simplest and most cost effective USB enabled NMEA 0183 multiplexer in the world! Connect your navigation instruments and AIS receiver to your computer with this 3-channel 'Zero Configuration' NMEA multiplexer with USB interface. One input automatically sets its baudrate to AIS when connected. For use with a computer only.
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The MiniPlex-2 series is the second generation of our industry standard NMEA 0183 multiplexers. All models offer the same rich set of features but have different interfaces to a computer. Each model is capable of interfacing with AIS receivers and transponders and devices with non-standard baudrates. The MiniPlex-2 also connects directly to a Raymarine SeaTalk network.

The MiniPlex-2 series comprises of the following models: Model Computer interface
  1120 MiniPlex-2S RS-232 (serial)
  1121 MiniPlex-2USB USB
  1122 MiniPlex-2S/BT RS-232 and Bluetooth
  1123 MiniPlex-2USB/BT USB and Bluetooth
  1124 MiniPlex-2E Ethernet
  1125 MiniPlex-2Wi WiFi and USB

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The MiniPlex-BUF is an advanced NMEA 0183 buffer featuring one input and seven outputs. It is designed to solve the problem of sharing NMEA data from one NMEA device with multiple other NMEA devices in a trouble free manner.
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All products include a 2 year warranty.