Version Date Description

New Features

Automatic Update

MPX-Config2 always checks if multiplexer contains the required firmware version. If not, it automatically starst an update, using a firmware image embedded in MPX-Config. Menu option Automatic Update allows a manual initiation of this update process. This feature is useful in case an automatic update fails and the multiplexer is left without any firmware. It isnow no longer necessary to go on-line to download the firmware first.

Support for new conversions

Checkboxes added for the following conversions:

  • COG to True Heading (VTG -> HDT)
  • Log Speed to GPS Speed (VHW -> VTG)
  • RMC -> GGA
  • Time from GPS (RMC -> ZDA)

NMEA Viewer

The NMEA viewer now stores up to 100 sentences and can be scrolled back for inspection.

Bug Fixes (Windows version)

  • After selecting an unsupported firmware file, the firmware update was started anyway and the ProgressBar was left visible.
  • When loading a configuration file, the Priority time was always set to 1s.
  • After issuing a Factory Reset, the configuration is now re-read from the multiplexer, updating all controls to the default state.

Bug Fixes (OS X version)

When a log file was created, only data received from the multiplexer was logged. Data sent to the multiplexer is now also logged.


Bugfixes (Windows version only)

MPX-Config now issues a warning when you try to open a COM port which is already opened by another application.

New Features

Wind Options

New options have been added to support the wind conversion functions of the new V3.30.0 firmware.

UDP Communications (Windows version only)

A new port called "UDP All" has been added to the port selector. Both UDP selections behave differently. In previous versions, MPX-Config showed all UDP data on the network while sending commands to the specified IP address. This could lead to confusion when more than one MiniPlex on a network is broadcasting UDP. Therefore two distinct settings can now be made:


This shows NMEA data from one MiniPlex at the specified IP address only. Data sent by MPX-Config is sent to this address.

UDP All:

This shows all NMEA data that is broadcast on port 10110 by every MiniPlex on the network. Data sent by MPX-Config is sent to one MiniPlex only: to the IP address that is entered in “Host”.

An interesting side-effect occurs when you enter the broadcast address Any data sent by MPX-Config will be received by ALL multiplexers on the network. If you send a PSMDVER sentence manually, all multiplexers on the network will respond with their PSMDVER sentence. This can be useful to idientify all multiplexers at once.

Clicking the Read Configuration button however would trigger all multiplexers to respond too, resulting in unpredictable configuration settings in MPX-Config! To prevent this, MPX-Config will not automatically read the configuration from the multiplexer if UDP All is selected. The Read Configuration button does work however and should therefore be used with care!

MiniPlex-2E (OS X version only)

Menu options and dialogs are added for network setup and search of the MiniPlex-2E multiplexer.


An option is added to the settings of NMEA Out2 to convert specific sentences to NMEA V1.5 format. This allows older B&G equipment to be controlled by modern software and chartplotters. The following sentences are converted: APB, BWC, BWR, GLL, RMB, RMC, VTG and XTE. Basically, the status field at the end of each sentence is removed.

In the OS X version a bug has been fixed that caused MPX-Config to crash when TAG blocks were displayed.

26-04-13 On OS X 10.6.8 the firmware update would not start. This is now solved.
26-04-13 When a firmware update was aborted, a new attempt resulted in a message "The update is cancelled because the type of interface could not be determined". This is now solved.
3.62.2 17-04-13 A bug has been fixed to prevent the automatic update to occur in two cases:
  • The RS-232 port of a MiniPlex-2S(/BT) was not set to 38400 Baud
  • A MiniPlex-2E was not set to TCP protocol
3.62.0 19-03-13

It is no longer necessary to download new firmware when MPX-Config is updated. Matching firmware is now embedded in MPX-Config. A firmware update will be performed automatically if necessary.

3.61.2 13-03-13

Serial communcation is improved. This reduces the system load from 100%, 50% or 25% (depending on the number of processor cores) to 2-5%.

3.61.1 28-02-13

Bug fixes

  • When a firmware update was started and the multiplexer did not respond with a $PSMDLDR message, the progress bar remained on screen and MPX-Config appeared to be frozen. This is fixed.
  • Reading the configuration from a multiplexer with pre-3.20 firmware failed. This is fixed by evaluating the version sentence ($PSMDVER) first before reading the configuration.
3.61.0 21-02-13

The Manual NMEA Sentence Input field is now always enabled when a connection is active. This allows the program to be used with the MiniPlex-Lite to send NMEA sentences to its talker port and to view incoming NMEA sentences.

3.60.0 18-02-13

Features added to support the new text functions of MiniPlex firmware V3.20.x.

The user interface has been rearranged and controls are added to the main window to change the settings of the NMEA Viewer.

The network setup of the MiniPlex-2E has been improved.

3.51.0 15-11-12 An option has been added to the Tools menu to reset the multiplexer to its factory settings.
3.50.3 19-09-12 Resolves time out problems with MiniPlex firmware updates.
3.50.1 07-08-12

The log function now also logs the data that is being sent from MPX-Config to the multiplexer for better diagnosis of problems.

A few cosmetic changes are made to the user interface.

3.50.0 03-08-12

Combined version of V1.42, V2.42, V3.01, V3.13 and the current version of MPX-Config. This version automatically detects which configuration window should be shown, depending on the firmware version of the connected multiplexer.

The built-in FTP server is now only ebabled during the WiFi firmware update process.

The statusbar is now updated with new version information immediately after a MiniPlex firmware update.

A bug is fixed that prevented loading the filter list from a configuration file from an older version.

3.10.0 09-07-12

Supports WiFi firmware updates from a built-in FTP server. A WiFi connection to the Internet is no longer needed, the update can be loaded as a file.

3.9.0 05-06-12 New screen layout to accomodate smaller computer screens on netbooks. Controls added to support new firmware options.
3.7.4 17-05-12 After a firmware update, reading the configuration always resulted in a “Multiplexer does not respond” message. This is fixed.
Menu item Update Firmware is now disabled when no connection with the multiplexer exists.
The ‘W’ column in the Filter & Routing list is now disabled when the multiplexer has no Bluetooth or WiFi interface.
Selecting a command from the Manual Sentence Input history used to execute this command immediately. You now need to press the enter key or click on the Send button.
Some older version complained about a missing ftd2xx.dll file, this is fixed.


A Connect button is added which makes it easier to work with IP addresses. The Manual NMEA Sentence Input now has a command history, which allows selecting previously entered commands.
3.7.1 24-08-11 In V3.7.0 the Capture button misteriously disappeared. The button is restored.
3.7.0 09-08-11 Option added for the MiniPlex-2E. The 'MiniPlex Search Results' window now has a button to restore the network settings of a MiniPlex-2E to its factory defaults.
3.6.0 12-07-11 Bugfix and support for the new options of firmware version 3.13.x.
3.5.1 06-07-11 Bugfix. Previous versions did not set the default route properly when loading a configuration file.
3.50 22-06-11 Support for the MiniPlex-2E added (network configuration).
3.32 29-04-11 New version for firmware V3.10. Also a bugfix for V3.30 in combination with multiplexers with a serial port, where updating the firmware sometimes not worked at 115200 Baud. This is now done at 38400 Baud.