The MiniPlex-Lite is our entry level NMEA 0183 multiplexer. Based on the proven technology of our existing range of multiplexers, we have taken the fundamental elements of a multiplexer and created a basic zero-configuration and easy to install unit.

No configuration is needed, no baud rates to select. Just plug in the MiniPlex-Lite into a free USB port of your computer, a PC or a Mac, install the driver and it is up and running. It needs no further configuration. Just connect the cables of your instruments to the clamp-connectors with the factory-supplied tool and your computer-based navigation system is complete.

A unique feature of the MiniPlex-Lite is the auto-sensing NMEA 0183 input 3. This input will automatically detect the high speed data from a connected AIS receiver or transponder, which is transmitted at 38400 Baud as opposed to standard NMEA equipment which operates at 4800 Baud.

Note: The MiniPlex-Lite is cannot be used as a stand-alone unit, it must be used with a computer.