MiniPlex-3 series - NMEA 0183 only

The MiniPlex-3 series NMEA 0183 multiplexers combine NMEA 0183 sentences from up to four sources. These sentences can be routed to two NMEA 0183 outputs and one or more host interfaces.

SeaTalk is also supported, providing a full emulation of Raymarine’s SeaTalk-NMEA Bridge (E85001), which is no longer produced.

All models share the exact same feature set, but differ in the type of host interfaces: USB, Ethernet or WiFi.

Galvanic isolation is provided on all inputs, outputs and host interfaces.

MiniPlex-3 N2K series - NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000

The MiniPlex-3 N2K series offers an additional NMEA 2000 port, providing a total of six NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 gateways in-a-box: Each NMEA 0183 input, host port and a ‘virtual’ input providing conversion results is visible on the NMEA 2000 network as an individual device, and can thus be selected as a Data Source on receiving NMEA 2000 devices like plotters and displays.

Through the Routing Table, data from individual NMEA 2000 sources, converted to NMEA 0183 sentences, can be selected to be routed to the NMEA 0183 outputs and the host interfaces. 

SeaTalk is also supported and data is converted between all available protocols. A unique SeaTalk feature emulates Raymarine’s SeaTalk-STNG Bridge as well.

Other Products

The MiniPlex-3PRO has the same functionality as the MiniPlex-3E-N2K, but it packs more inputs (8) and outputs (4) into one box.

The MiniPlex-Lite is an entry-level NMEA 0183 multiplexer which can be used exclusively with a computer. It provides three NMEA 0183 inputs and one NMEA 0183 output. No data is routed from its inputs to the output and there are no options to configure. One NMEA 0183 input provides auto-baud sensing, the other inputs and the output are fixed to 4800 Baud.

This multiplexer cannot be used as a stand-alone device.

The MiniPlex-2S is similar to the MiniPlex-3 series but with an RS232 host port.

SeaTalk can only be received and there is no galvanic isolation on its NMEA 0183 outputs.

The MiniPlex-BUF is an NMEA 0183 buffer with one NMEA 0183 input and seven NMEA 0183 outputs. All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. Isolation also exists between all outputs.